Agemars since 1950

In order to offer a complete service to cruise vessel operators we have created a separate Ground dept. with its main office in Messina and representation throughout Sicily and Sardinian ports.
Assistance to cruise passengers in transit, excursions and turn- around Sicilian  ports, are the primary goals for AGEMARS s.r.l. 

AGEMARS s.r.l. has gained good experience in assisting ship owners with crew changes since many years. The services provided are:

Updated information to our clients regarding: crew / flight details

• Hotels, land transport, launches

• Visas, transit visas, Schengen visas

• Embarking / disembarking assistance –

• Booking of flights and purchase of tickets

• Arrangement of medical visits, hospitalisation and repatriation. AGEMARS s.r.l. offers a complete package for crew changes, delivery of stores, spares, provisions and mail, as well as assistance in case of emergency. Crew change and supplies of spares can be arranged in each port where AGEMARS s.r.l. is operative or represented. The activity is co-ordinated by the head office, thanks to the experience accumulated over the years.